When I started going to Dakota Clinic my life was a mess. I could not walk without help of a walker or cane and did not have any feeling in my feet. As of today, 90 days later, I have feeling back in my feet and am able to do the things I used to do, thanks to Dr. Christenson.

They are very caring and explain everything very clear. I would recommend them to anyone. I cannot believe the difference this has made in my life. Today I was released to home care which I will continue to do faithfully. The entire staff is just like family.

Thank you Dr. Christenson for giving me my life back. By the way I am 78 and can enjoy my great grandchildren again!

By Wanda A.

My name is Peggy and I am 66 years old. In 2015 I started having severe left shoulder pain. I saw several doctors and they recommended Cortisone shots or shoulder replacement surgery. After having 4 injections in the next 2 years without results, I decided I would have to live with the pain. Mayo clinic would not do the surgery until I turned 70 years old. I had lost use of my arms and was taking 8 ibuprofen a day for pain. Dressing was becoming difficult and getting out of the tub was becoming harder. I couldn’t carry my purse or groceries with my left hand. Daily living skills were becoming more difficult. One Sunday after church on my Facebook I saw Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic. I felt Lord was sending me to them for help. I called the next day for an appointment. I met with Dr. Christenson and felt a glimpse of hope. I discovered I has developed frozen shoulder. I started my first time July 24th. I started seeing Dr. Christenson immediately. After a 5 minute treatment I could raise my arm, and the pain was less severe. I was treated 2x/week for a month than once a week. He used Trigenics and I had rarely ibuprofen as pain has improved. I am getting strength back in my shoulder muscles and can now carry things and my 7 month old grandson. Dr. Christenson helped me with healing, health and hope and improvement. He showed compassion, caring, kindness, expertise in treatment and encouragement. The staff is friendly and caring. I recommended Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic and have several family members seeing them. They are also seeing improvement. I highly recommend anyone dealing with pain to see Dr. Christenson. Thank You Dr. Christenson for giving me hope, healing and my life back.

By Peggy W.


I am 38 yrs old and 5 yrs ago I was told I  needed a knee replacement by 2 very qualified doctors I trusted very much. I would still trust these men, I just think they are not as open to trying new practices that Dr. Christenson is providing. I’ve played sports my entire life and was a catcher since I was 8 yrs old. I’ve had my knee scoped 3 different times, I have tried cortizone  and also the cartilage injections. Nothing worked. I was trying to put off the knee replacement for 5 years. It got to the point where I couldn’t not take the pain and aching anymore. I took a chance on Dr. Christenson and I am so glad I did. After a couple months, my knee is the  best it’s ever felt in years. I got a couple small kids that I now can do things with that I couldn’t before. The pain and aching is virtually gone. I highly recommend Dr. Christenson, he’s definitely changed my life for the better!

By AJ B.

I am so impressed with the care and treatments I have received at Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic! I came into their clinic at the end of June with terrible knee pain. It was hard for me to walk, step on the brake in my car and just everyday walking and getting up from a sitting position. Today was the first day of my 37th year of teaching elementary music. Today was also the first time that I was able to really move with my kids. I doubled my steps today from any other first day of school! What an amazing feeling! So extremely grateful and blessed that I found such an awesome place!! Dr. Matt and Dr. Jake and all the gals are so caring!! I can’t thank them enough for giving me my life back!!

By Joan Lochow Kramlich


Hands down best place to go for pain. I’ve seen a chiropractor for over the last 10 years. I’ve never felt this great. They get to the core issue and fix it properly. They aren’t just adjusting you!
They’ve changed my husbands life. His back pain that would knock him down at least once a week is now so minimal he can comfortably live again! We drive 2 hours one way each week and it’s with everything penny!

By Christina Mischke

Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic

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